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Research Projects


Feasibility of Delivering High-Rise Low or Zero Carbon Buildings in Hong Kong

Industrial Smoke

Implications of Optimising Prefabrication for the Life Cycle Carbon Emissions of High-Rise Residential Buildings in HK

Go Team

Hong Kong Zero Carbon Partnership for Enhancing Public and Stakeholder Engagement


A Smart-tech Integrated System for Estimating and Benchmarking Embodied Carbon Emissions of Prefabricated Public Residential Buildings in HK


Carbon Emission Modelling of Energy Systems for Retrofit Office Buildings

Image by Simon Goetz

Systematic Optimization of Modular Integrated Construction for Maximum Embodied Carbon Reduction of High-rise Residential Buildings in HK

Image by Iñaki del Olmo

A Possible Zero Carbon Building Policy for HK: Opportunities, Risks and Recommendations


Integrated Smart High-rise Building Energy Modelling (ISHBEM)

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